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Welcome To The Flamingo Net!
The Flamingo Net is a south Florida amateur radio club. We have been active since 1954 as a social group for Hams. Most of our activity takes place on the ten meter band, but we also use two meters.

We meet on the air each Friday night, starting on 29.044 MHz at 7:30 PM Eastern time. At 7:45, we move to the Broward repeater, 146.910 MHz (-.6, PL 110.9).  At 7:55  we go south to the K4AG repeater, 147.150 MHz (+.6, PL 94.8). At 8:00, we return to ten meters on 28.444 MHz. We welcome check-ins!

Our activities include hosting Free Fleas (jointly with the UMARC) on the third Saturdays in April and November. These are held in the Physics parking lot of the University of Miami Coral Gables campus. We also hold BBQ's, picnics and dinners at various times throughout the year. We also hold lost transmitter (FOX) hunts (on both ten meters and two meters).

This site was constructed on April 18, 2003. I will try to keep it updated as to recent or upcoming activity.

The Flamingo Net Field Day Event took place on Saturday morning and afternoon, June 24, 2017. We had participation from WA4TEJ, KM4SJN & CJ, KA4IQI, KD4JSD and N4YQT. See the What's New page for details.

The Flamingo Net will hold a 2m Vehicular Fox Hunt on a Sunday morning this Summer, 2017. The previous fox Stu, KD4JSD,  was hidden in a small park just south of Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport, just south of Griffin Road. Stu began transmitting at 11:25 and the first finder came in at 1:49, so Stu won the hunt and he and Fred will hide the next fox. Chip and CJ came in about two minutes later and Ray and Phil came in about 15 minutes later. See the What's New Page for more information. These hunts, like most of our events, are open to EVERYONE (not just Flamingo Net members), so come to the hunt and find out how much FUN they are!!

Our next free flea (in memory of Kurt Lenkway, WA4GGJ) will be on Saturday morning November 18, 2017 in the Physics Parking Lot, 5101 San Amaro Drive, at the U. of Miami Coral Gables Campus. Talk-in on the K4AG repeater, 147.150 (+6, PL 94.8). The flea starts at 7:00 AM and goes to around noon.

A Picnic/BBQ will follow the Free Flea at noon on Saturday November 18, 2017. It will be held in Brewer Park, just west of the U. M. campus on Miller (just beyond 62nd Ave.).

The Flamingo Net UPay4WhatUEat (UP4WUE) dinner took place on Saturday Evening, May 13, 2017, in the Hollywood Blvd. Piccadilly Cafateria. Details on the What's New Page. Our next dinner will take place on Sunday evening, October 29, 2017.

For location and driving information to any of our events, see the "What's new" page.

The April 2006 Flamingo / UMARC Free Flea  KA4IQI Photo.

Ways to contact The Flamingo Net

To contact us, either check-in on the air or e-mail me at wa4tej@juno.com . Fred, N4YQT, has set up a FaceBook page for us at


Fox Hunt 6/12/11 Debate over who found Fred first. Left to right: Bill (WA4TEJ), Ray (KB4HAY) and Phil (KI4DYS).